Building Winning teams

30% of leadership team members are not aligned to strategic goals. When 3 out of 10 people are rowing in the wrong direction, how much longer will it take to reach your destination?

Standard (non-leadership) teams also welcome,

› Our CEO clearly communicates our direction and goals – why are we not achieving them?
› There’s conflict on our leadership team that is getting in the way of success – how do we fix this?
› Our team is strong in innovation but we need to slow down – how can we get people on board?
› We thought our team was aligned to the strategy but people interpreted it differently – how do we speak the same language?
› The company is going through big changes – how do we redesign work and roles effectively?
› Economic shifts continue to come up – how can our team prepare and get on the same page?

Align Teams for Strategic Action Workshop

1. Individual Leader: 1:1 Meeting

We start with the leader. During a preliminary one-on-one session, we get to understand the leader’s work style, current initiatives and concerns, and the business and team’s state of affairs. Through this working session, we’ll discuss the leader’s strengths and blind spots in relation to the strategy and discuss next steps to get the whole team involved.

2. Individuals + Team: Team Workshop

Each team member, including the leader, takes the same assessment and has the opportunity to discuss their results with our I-O psychologist. During the first team group session, you will learn about each others’ strengths and blind spots individually, helping you better understand what motivates your teammates and why you all work and behave the way you do. Then we will examine how those strengths and blind spots present as a cohesive team.

3. Individuals + Team + Strategy: Team Workshop

During the second team group session (can be done the same day or at another time), we examine the strengths and blind spots of the team as a whole, in relation to the business objectives you are trying to accomplish. We can see where the team is aligned or misaligned with the business strategy and address areas of concern. In some cases we need members to step up in areas out of their comfort zone, in some we reconfirm alignment to strategic goals, others we determine additional head count is needed – the results are always unique.

4. Action Plan + Implementation: Team Workshop and Follow Up Calls

Team alignment workshops are useless without proper planning and implementation. They can even make problems worse. That’s why we work with you to take what we learn and turn it into a phased action plan. We help you corral the resources you need, work with your team and individuals to overcome any roadblocks, and follow up to ensure continued progress. Once you’re confident in the change, we go back to the bench and are ready if you need us again!