More than 40% of new leaders fail within 18 months,
but is that their own fault?

Accelerate performance by giving your new leaders the tools they need to deeply understand themselves, their new role, and their new team.

In a few hours, your new leader will gain unprecedented insight into their team’s strengths and blind spots, and how those align to strategic goals to drastically reduce the learning curve and drive cohesion, productivity, and retention.

Know Yourself

Take the 5 minute Behavioral Assessment to learn how you work best and influence your team.

Know Your Team

Invite your team members to take the assessment and discover your collective strengths and blind spots.

Align to Strategy

Identify misalignment between the team’s abilities and its goals. Receive recommended actions to close the gap and drive toward success

What can I expect from the New Leader Assimilation Workshop?

Initial 30-60 minute intro call: we learn about the organization’s and team’s goals, the current state of the team, and the expectations for the new leader.

5 minute assessment: each team member takes a 5 minute behavioral assessment from the Predictive Index. This gives us deep insight into what each individual needs to be successful at work.

BONUS: team members will get their results and gain insights about themselves!

First 90 minute assimilation call: one-on-one meeting with the new leader. Our consultants review the leader’s assessment results with them, discuss their strengths and blind spots in relation to strategic goals, review each team member’s results to help them understand who they are working with, and examine the team’s cumulative strengths and blind spots in relation to goals.

Follow up 90 minute assimilation coaching call: ~1 month post-hire, when the leader has gotten to know his/her team, we review how they see the strengths and blind spots showing up and create an action plan to address concerns in strategy, interpersonal relationships, or motivation.

We are available to you via text and email before and after, to answer urgent questions or for via Zoom for more in-depth needs. The organization and leader keep all assessment results for future reference.

Total time investment: ~4 hours

What impact will this have on my business?

As a result of this workshop, you will:

– Accelerate leader onboarding
– Increase team cohesion
– Improve productivity immediately
– Understand what drives people
– Improve leader self-awareness
– Enable faster goal achievement
– Drive leader confidence

Who should attend this workshop?

Anyone leading a new team.

Executives, managers, and team leads joining a new company or taking on a new group of people.

The leader’s supervisor will join a 30-60 minute call and/or fill out an online questionnaire to help us better understand expectations and goals.

Led by our exceptional management consultants and IO psychologist, this session will be game-changing for your leader and accelerating their team’s performance.

What is the investment for New Leader Assimilation?


– Discovery call
– Access to Predictive Index assessments
– Assimilation deep dive call
– Follow up assimilation call
– Access to your consultant through 60 days
– Forever access to team data